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BEST HOME BASED BUSINESS-Credit Repair Biz in a box!


Numerous entrepreneurs wanting to start a home based business have discovered the overwhelming advantages offered by the business of Credit Repair. Many of our clients have used the knowledge and resources in our Credit Repair Biz Kit to propel themselves to success in their own business.

Read these testimonials from those who have purchased our Credit Repair Biz Kit. These testimonials are all unsolicited, and are reprinted here just as they came to us, misspellings included. Discover now why our credit repair in a box is the best home based business available to you today!


I just want to say that the Credit Repaiz Biz program is awesome and worth every dime. I worked for several years with a locally owned credit repair company, and I’ve learned more in one week with your program, than I did the whole time I was employed there. I have experienced first hand how profitable of a business it is, because the company I worked for has been in business about 12 years. I look forward to applying your techniques, expertise and skills in my own business."

Yvonne P.
Aurora, CO


My name is Ben Hanania. After 7 years of helping others repair their credit, I decided to pass on my knowledge and expertise so that others can utilize that knowledge to achieve success in their own business.

More Reasons why Credit Repair Biz is the Best Home Based Business...

Here's a letter from another one of our successful clients, Israel Catala.


"I purchased the credit biz kit 6 months ago and I don't regret the step I took. First of all, I have accomplished financial independence, profiting approx. $2k to $3k a month, without advertisement nor any other promotional means, all is done by referrals of financial institutions and my customers themselves.
Second, there is no greater feeling to see people gain back their buying power and starting over their financial lifestyle. In the kit you'll find everything need 2 start from jump your credit clinic and it's a great investment to make, having it return to you as profit with your first customer within a day or two of reading the manual. I even have major credit repair agencies asking me for some insight on how I successfully delete problem accounts they don't find easy to erase. This has taught me how to change many peoples tests into testimonies. Keep up the good work, Ben."

Israel Cátala,
Puerto Rico


Part of the reason our clients have been successful is due to the support we provide.

Many "Business Opportunity Programs" just sell their course, collect their fee, and then forget about their customers. The unfortunate customer is left to "sink or swim" on his own. If he has questions he needs answered, or concerns he needs addressed, well ... too bad! He's left to figure it out for himself.

When you partner with LifeCompass IDS you'll never find yourself in that situation. Once you've bought our Gold Partner Kit, you'll give continuous, unlimited, and TIMELY support. You can email us your questions and comments anytime, and we'll reply within 1 business day (2 at most).


"I can't express to you how helpful and on point you are to me. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

Monique Patrick,
Elizabeth, New Jersey


Unlike many other businesses, when you start a business in Credit Repair you'll find an abundance of potential clients who desperately need your services. You probably already know dozens of people who need help with their credit. Often, when word gets around that you're doing credit repair, many of you current acquaintances will begin coming to you for help.

In addition, we'll show you three major sources that will bring you an abundance of clients.


"Thank you for responding Ben,
I still need you. Your the only reason I am still doing this business. so I cant thank you enough and your product was well worth it. I am now licensed to do mortgage from the people I am renting an office from. I am getting plenty of clients through the credit business. I don't feel like a house wife anymore. My husband is amazed. so thank you, thank you, thank you."

Melissa Plaisance
Marrero, LA


Some get their start by repairing their own bad credit first. People are sometimes amazed at the gains they make in a short time.

At LifeCompass IDS we know how to get results! We're familiar with the Credit Bureaus, how they work, with the methods they use to thwart those who want to improve their credit ... and how to deal with them.

Good news!. I recently purchased a brand new 2003 cadillac CTS, My credit score was 655 and now my credit score according to GMAC was 688, just 12 short of 700 (my goal) . That was only one month! The sales person gave me a copy of there credit report. I am so happy!. I have not purchased a new car in 17 years. You know how hard it is to get credit at GMAC!. (wow). What a great system ben. You know, Ive been around red tape before, should have realized that there was a system to the credit B, like any other big system. Thanks again ben!. And thanks for sending those sample letters for removing "inq" to the creditors directly!
Ps. Feel free to use this letter as you please! ."

David Garcia,
Kansas City, MO


Here's another example of the gains that can be made in cleaning up a client's credit report.

"... Also, i received that guy Dave's report back form Trans-Union with everything disputed deleted the 1st time around. The main thing i was really happy about was The bankruptcy. it was deleted. I'm very excited about this."

Kay Junior,


You always get prompt service when you partner with us. You won't have to wait days or weeks for your Partners Kit to arrive. We ship promptly by priority mail, so you'll receive it within 2 - 3 business days.

"I did receive my kit and it came super fast, thank you! I thoroughly love the way it is put together, just great. I have learned some things I didn't know and it will make a huge difference in offering quality services to my clients. I was soo excited, I read the manual in two days!!... Thank you for providing me with such great tools, I feel very confident about proceeding asap! "

Alexis Jones
Sacramento, CA


Within the next few minutes, you could be started on the pathway to owning your own business, being your own boss, financial independence and a better life.

When you register with us you get a 90 day, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


You have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by acting RIGHT NOW!

CLICK HERE to join us NOW!


"I've told several people about your website and how helpful it is and how helpful you are. I certainly hope that spreading this positive word about your website and you pays off for you. You deserve it."


You Simply Can't Lose!



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